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Note on uncertain synonymy of Spirostreptus regis and S. andersoni in Pimvichai et al. (2009):" In 1893, Pocock recorded opinatus from Malewoon and further noted that “Two young examples collected by Oates in S. Tenasserim are doubtfully referred to this species” and further that “This species was originally described from Tenasserim and was subsequently procured by Dr. Anderson from the Mergui Archipelago”. The latter statement must refer to the name “? Sp. andersoni” Pocock, 1889 listed in the synonymy of opinatus by Pocock (1893) with an exact reference to the page and figure number in his 1889 paper and a note that this name is based on a young specimen. The strange thing is that in Pocock (1889) there is no Spirostreptus andersoni; instead there is, on the cited page and under the cited figure number, a Spirostreptus regis Pocock, 1889, based on a single female from King Island. The length of this specimen was given as 55 mm which does suggest a juvenile. It seems most likely that andersoni is a lapsus calami for regis, maybe due to confusion with Spirobolus andersoni Pocock, 1889, described just two pages after Spirostreptus regis. Demange (1960) found specimens of neither andersoni nor regis in the Natural History Museum of London."
Pimvichai, P.; Enghoff, H.; Panha, S. (2009). A revision of the Thyropygus allevatus group. Part 1: the T. opinatus subgroup (Diplopoda: Spirostreptida: Harpagophoridae). Zootaxa, 2016: 17-50 
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