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Taxonomic remark
This species was originally described as Phenacoporus kedahensis Wang & Tang, 1965, from the male holotype coming from “Baling Ledah”, likely the town of Baling in the southeastern part of a slightly misspelled state of Kedah, northern Western Malaysia, as well as from a female paratype (allotype) stemming from Singapore (Wang & Tang, 1965). The species name itself, kedahensis, clearly suggests its provenance from Kedah. A little later, Wang (1967) recorded another female from Bukit Timah, Singapore, again referring the species to Phenacoporus Attems, 1914. Decker (2013) was the first to formally transfer P. kedahensis to Ophrydesmus Cook, 1896, based on Jeekel (1955) who had synonymised Phenacoporus under Ophrydesmus, a synonymy Wang & Tang (1965) and Wang (1967) had overlooked.
Golovatch, S.I. (2018). Further notes on the millipede family Cryptodesmidae in Southeast Asia, with descriptions of a new genus and two new species from Indochina (Diplopoda: Polydesmida). <em>RAFFLES BULLETIN OF ZOOLOGY.</em> 66: 361-370. available online at Available for editors  PDF available
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