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Taxonomic remark
Very similar to T. hilaroides, especially as regards its gonopod conformation, but differs in the presence of two rows of setae on metaterga 3–18 (an anterior transverse row of 2+2 setae and a posterior row of 4+4 insertion points versus solely an anterior transverse row of 2+2 setae), by the transverse sulcus visible starting already from metatergum 4 (versus metatergum 5), as well as in gonopod process z with two evident spines along distal margin (versus three spines) and process h being smaller (versus stouter).
Likhitrakarn, N.; Golovatch, S.I.;Panha, S. (2014). Three new species of the millipede genus Tylopus Jeekel, 1968 from Thailand, with additional notes on the species described by Attems (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Paradoxosomatidae). <em>ZooKeys.</em> 435: 63-91. available online at Available for editors  PDF available
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