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Taxonomic remark
The species Polydrepanum implicatum Carl, 1941 was described from northern India. Judging from the illustrations (Carl 1941: figs 23–25), it is clear that Carl misplaced this species within Polydrepanum as its solenomere is not sheathed by the solenophore. The gonopod details of this species clearly deviate from other genera of Polydrepanini except Telodrepanum with which it shares characters such as sickleshaped solenophore and anteriorly oriented post femoral process (Fig. 5A–B, arrows), indicating that P. implicatum may belong to Telodrepanum. In contrast to Jeekel (1965, 1968), who suggested that P. implicatum might be a member of an unnamed genus, we propose to transfer this species to Telodrepanum.
Sankaran, P. M.; Sebastian, P. A. (2018). A new species of and a new transfer from the millipede genus Polydrepanum Carl, 1932 (Polydesmida, Paradoxosomatidae, Polydrepanini). <em>Zootaxa.</em> 4471(1): 169. Available for editors  PDF available
2018-09-13 15:28:35Z