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Loomis, H. F. (1953). New millipeds of the western States and Lower California. Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences, 43: 417-422
Loomis, H. F.
New millipeds of the western States and Lower California
Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences
43: 417-422
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Arinolus latus Loomis, 1953 (original description)
Cambala caeca Loomis, 1953 accepted as Cambala speobia (Chamberlin, 1952) (original description)
Chipus Loomis, 1953 accepted as Orophe Chamberlin, 1951 (original description)
Chipus unicus Loomis, 1953 accepted as Orophe unicus (Loomis, 1953) (original description)
Hiltonius palmaris Loomis, 1953 (original description)
Hiltonius pulchrus Chamberlin, 1918 (source of synonymy)
Motyxia exilis Loomis, 1953 (original description)
Motyxia expansa Loomis, 1953 (original description)
Orthoporus arizonicus Loomis, 1953 accepted as Orthoporus ornatus (Girard, 1853) (original description)
Scobinomus Loomis, 1953 accepted as Tarascolus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Scobinomus serratus Loomis, 1953 (original description)
Arizona for Orthoporus arizonicus Loomis, 1953 
California for Arinolus latus Loomis, 1953 
California for Hiltonius palmaris Loomis, 1953 
California for Motyxia exilis Loomis, 1953 
California for Motyxia expansa Loomis, 1953 
Texas for Cambala caeca Loomis, 1953 
United States for Chipus unicus Loomis, 1953 
United States for Scobinomus serratus Loomis, 1953 
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