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Chamberlin, R. V. (1943). On Mexican Millipeds. Bulletin of the University of Utah, Biological series, 8(3): 1-103
Chamberlin, R. V.
On Mexican Millipeds
Bulletin of the University of Utah, Biological series
8(3): 1-103
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Acentronus Chamberlin, 1943 accepted as Rhysodesmus Cook, 1895 (original description)
Acentronus minor Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Acentronus minor Chamberlin, 1943 accepted as Rhysodesmus minor (Chamberlin, 1943) (original description)
Amplinus crenus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Amplinus tapachulae Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Amplinus vergelanus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Amplinus xelitlus Chamberlin, 1943 accepted as Amplinus xilitlus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Amplinus xilitlus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Apsyma Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Apsyma atopa Chamberlin, 1943 accepted as Myrmecodesmus atopus (Chamberlin, 1943) (original description)
Apsyma atopus Chamberlin, 1943 accepted as Myrmecodesmus atopus (Chamberlin, 1943) (original description)
Aztecolus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Bolivaresmus sabinus Chamberlin, 1942 accepted as Myrmecodesmus sabinus (Chamberlin, 1942) (additional source)
Bonetesmus verus Chamberlin, 1942 (additional source)
Cavota crucis Chamberlin, 1942 accepted as Cleidogona crucis (Chamberlin, 1942) (additional source)
Ceratesmus clarus Chamberlin, 1942 accepted as Myrmecodesmus clarus (Chamberlin, 1942) (additional source)
Ceuthauxus cruzanus Chamberlin, 1943 accepted as Strongylodesmus cruzanus (Chamberlin, 1943) (original description)
Ceuthauxus morelus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Ceuthauxus palmitonus Chamberlin, 1942 (additional source)
Chondrodesmus nannus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Cleidogona atoyaca Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Cleidogona leona Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Cleidogona nueva Chamberlin, 1941 (additional source)
Cleidogona rafaela Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Cleidogona zempoala Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Cruzodesmus Chamberlin, 1943 accepted as Stenodesmus De Saussure, 1859 (original description)
Cruzodesmus browni Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Cruzodesmus ergus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Cruzodesmus purojenus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Cryptyma Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Cryptyma lobata Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Cyphodesmus hidalgonus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Delophon Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Dixidesmus Chamberlin, 1943 accepted as Pseudopolydesmus Attems, 1898 (original description)
Eirenyma Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Eirenyma munda Chamberlin, 1943 accepted as Myrmecodesmus mundus (Chamberlin, 1943) (original description)
Eirenyma mundus Chamberlin, 1943 accepted as Myrmecodesmus mundus (Chamberlin, 1943) (original description)
Eurelus tancitarus Chamberlin, 1941 (new combination reference)
Fontaria gracilis Koch C. L., 1847 accepted as Oxidus gracilis (Koch, C. L., 1847) (additional source)
Glomeris boneti Chamberlin, 1943 accepted as Glomeroides boneti (Chamberlin, 1943) (original description)
Grayaria Chamberlin, 1943 accepted as Parafontaria Verhoeff, 1936 (original description)
Gymnostreptus guerreronus Chamberlin, 1942 accepted as Orthoporus guerreronus (Chamberlin, 1942) (new combination reference)
Hiltonius carpinus carpinus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Hiltonius crassus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Hiltonius erythrotypus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Hiltonius federalis Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Hiltonius michoacanus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Hiltonius tepoztlanus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Hiltonius veracruzanus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Ilyma colotlipa Chamberlin, 1942 accepted as Myrmecodesmus colotlipa (Chamberlin, 1942) (additional source)
Ilyma morela Chamberlin, 1942 accepted as Myrmecodesmus morelus (Chamberlin, 1943) (original description)
Ilyma morelus Chamberlin, 1943 accepted as Myrmecodesmus morelus (Chamberlin, 1943) (original description)
Ilyma orizaba Chamberlin, 1941 accepted as Myrmecodesmus orizaba (Chamberlin, 1941) (additional source)
Ilyma potosina Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Ilyma potosinus Chamberlin, 1943 accepted as Myrmecodesmus potosinus (Chamberlin, 1943) (original description)
Iulus guttulatus Bosc, 1792 accepted as Blaniulus guttulatus (Bosc, 1792) (additional source)
Julus fraternus De Saussure, 1860 accepted as Orthoporus fraternus (De Saussure, 1860) (source of synonymy)
Julus luscus Meinert, 1868 accepted as Cylindroiulus luscus (Meinert, 1868) (new combination reference)
Julus minutus Brandt, 1840 accepted as Virgoiulus minutus (Brandt, 1840) (additional source)
Kalesmus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Kalesmus eutropis Chamberlin, 1943 accepted as Peridontodesmus eutropis (Chamberlin, 1943) (original description)
Kalesmus phanus Chamberlin, 1943 accepted as Peridontodesmus phanus (Chamberlin, 1943) (original description)
Maderesmus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Maderesmus tepoztlanus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Messicobolus hoogstraali Chamberlin, 1941 (additional source)
Messicobolus raui Chamberlin, 1941 (additional source)
Messicobolus totonacus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Morelene Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Morelene mundus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Morelene mundus Chamberlin, 1943 accepted as Nannolene mundus (Chamberlin, 1943) (original description)
Nannolene mundus (Chamberlin, 1943) (original description)
Neoleptodesmus dispersus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Orthoporus chiapasus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Orthoporus esperanzae Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Orthoporus fortinus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Orthoporus leius Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Orthoporus lenonus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Orthoporus leonicus Chamberlin, 1941 (additional source)
Orthoporus linares Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Orthoporus mimus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Orthoporus morelus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Orthoporus mundus Chamberlin, 1942 (additional source)
Orthoporus torreonus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Orthoporus ugmalanus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Orthoporus victorianus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Orthyma Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Orthyma chamberlini Shear, 1977 accepted as Myrmecodesmus chamberlini (Shear, 1977) (original description)
Orthyma clara Chamberlin, 1943 accepted as Myrmecodesmus chamberlini (Shear, 1977) (original description)
Orthyma clarus Chamberlin, 1943 accepted as Myrmecodesmus clarus (Chamberlin, 1943) (original description)
Paraiulus phloibius Chamberlin, 1942 accepted as Parajulus phloibius (Chamberlin, 1942) (additional source)
Paraiulus pueblanus Chamberlin, 1943 accepted as Parajulus pueblanus (Chamberlin, 1943) (original description)
Paraiulus rosanus Chamberlin, 1943 accepted as Parajulus rosanus (Chamberlin, 1943) (original description)
Paraiulus zempoalus Chamberlin, 1943 accepted as Parajulus zempoalus (Chamberlin, 1943) (original description)
Parajulus pueblanus (Chamberlin, 1943) (original description)
Parajulus rosanus (Chamberlin, 1943) (original description)
Parajulus zempoalus (Chamberlin, 1943) (original description)
Pararhachistes amblus Chamberlin, 1942 (additional source)
Pararhachistes galeanae Chamberlin, 1943 accepted as Ceuthauxus galeanae (Chamberlin, 1943) (original description)
Pararhachistes nuevus Chamberlin, 1941 accepted as Ceuthauxus nuevus (Chamberlin, 1941) (additional source)
Pararhachistes potosinus Chamberlin, 1943 (original description)
Mexico for Acentronus minor Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Acentronus minor Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Amplinus crenus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Amplinus tapachulae Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Amplinus vergelanus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Amplinus xilitlus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Apsyma atopus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Ceuthauxus cruzanus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Ceuthauxus morelus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Chondrodesmus nannus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Cleidogona atoyaca Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Cleidogona leona Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Cleidogona rafaela Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Cleidogona zempoala Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Cruzodesmus browni Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Cruzodesmus ergus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Cruzodesmus purojenus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Cryptyma lobata Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Cyphodesmus hidalgonus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Eirenyma mundus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Glomeris boneti Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Hiltonius crassus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Hiltonius erythrotypus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Hiltonius federalis Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Hiltonius michoacanus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Hiltonius tepoztlanus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Hiltonius veracruzanus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Ilyma morelus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Ilyma potosinus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Kalesmus eutropis Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Kalesmus phanus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Maderesmus tepoztlanus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Messicobolus totonacus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Morelene mundus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Morelene mundus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Neoleptodesmus dispersus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Orthoporus chiapasus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Orthoporus esperanzae Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Orthoporus fortinus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Orthoporus leius Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Orthoporus lenonus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Orthoporus linares Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Orthoporus mimus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Orthoporus morelus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Orthoporus torreonus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Orthoporus ugmalanus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Orthoporus victorianus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Orthyma chamberlini Shear, 1977 
Mexico for Orthyma clarus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Paraiulus pueblanus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Paraiulus rosanus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Paraiulus zempoalus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Pararhachistes galeanae Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Pararhachistes potosinus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Peridontodesmus medius Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Peridontodesmus morelus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Peridontodesmus parvus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Pheniulus mimeticus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Pheniulus phenotypus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Pinesmus setosus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Platydesmus corzoi Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Polydesmus chapultepecus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Rachidomorpha vicinus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Rhinocricus ixtapanus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Rhinocricus lamprus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Rhinocricus morelus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Rhysodesmus alpuyecus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Rhysodesmus bolivari Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Rhysodesmus bonus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Rhysodesmus cumbres Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Rhysodesmus elestribus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Rhysodesmus esperanzae Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Rhysodesmus eunis Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Rhysodesmus eutypus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Rhysodesmus frionus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Rhysodesmus garcianus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Rhysodesmus guardanus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Rhysodesmus intermedius Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Rhysodesmus malinche Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Rhysodesmus morelus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Rhysodesmus pater Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Rhysodesmus perotenus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Rhysodesmus rubrimarginis Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Rhysodesmus tacubayae Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Rhysodesmus tepoztlanus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Rhysodesmus viabilis Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Sierresmus hidalgonus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Sphaeriodesmus griseus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Stemmiulus leucus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Styraxodesmus chipinqueus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Tarascolus bolivari Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Telauxus fractus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Toltecolus garcianus Chamberlin, 1943 
Mexico for Zeuctodesmus ferrugineus Chamberlin, 1943 
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