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MilliBase taxon details

Sphaerotherium javanicum (Guerin, 1837)

947646  (

marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
Type locality contained in Java  
type locality contained in Java [from synonym] [view taxon] [details]
Sierwald, P.; Spelda, J. (2018). MilliBase. Sphaerotherium javanicum (Guerin, 1837). Accessed at: on 2018-07-21
2017-01-23 07:41:39Z
2017-01-23 14:56:15Z

source of synonymy Jeekel, C. A. W. (2001). A bibliographic catalogue of the Asiatic Sphaerotheriida (Diplopoda). Myriapod memoranda, 3: 5-38. Oisterwijk
page(s): 28 [details]   

additional source  (ofZephronia javanicum Guerin, 1837) Gervais, P. (1837). Études pour servir á l'histoire naturelle des Myriapodes. Annales des Sciences naturelles, Zoologie, série 2, tome 7: 35-60, plate 4b. , available online at
page(s): 43 [details]   

additional source  (ofZephronia javanicum Guerin, 1837) Gervais, P. (1847). Myriapodes. In: Walckenaer, Hist. natur. des Insectes. Aptères IV, 4: 1-623. Paris, available online at
page(s): 82 [details]   

additional source  (ofZephronia javanicum Guerin, 1837) Koch, C. L. (1847). System der Myriapoden mit den Verzeichnissen und Berichtigungen zu Deutschlands Crustaceen, Myriapoden und Arachniden. In: Panzer & Herrich-Schäffer, A.: Kritische Revision der Insectenfaune Deutschlands, III. Bändchen, Regensburg, 1-196. Regensburg, available online at
page(s): 99 [details]   

additional source  (ofZephronia javanicum Guerin, 1837) Lucas, H. (1840). Histoire naturelle des Crustacés, des Arachnides et des Myriapodes. In: Blanchard: Hist. natur. des animaux articulès. I, 1-600. Paris
page(s): 522 [details]   

additional source  (ofZephronia javanicum Guerin, 1837) Butler, A. G. (1873). A monographic revision of the genera Zephronia and Sphaerotherium, with descriptions of new species. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, 1872: 172-182. London
page(s): 175 [details]   

additional source  (ofZephronia javanicum Guerin, 1837) Preudhomme de Borre, A. (1884). Tentamen catalogi Glomeridarum hucusque descriptarum. Annales de la Société Entomologique de Belgique, 28: 19-28. Bruxelles
page(s): 27; note: citation of species name [details]   
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