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Mauriès, J.-P. (1967). Matériaux récoltés par M.-H. Coiffait au Gabon: Myriapoda, Diplopoda. Revue "Biologia Gabonica", 3(4): 361-401
Mauriès, J.-P.
Matériaux récoltés par M.-H. Coiffait au Gabon: Myriapoda, Diplopoda
Revue "Biologia Gabonica"
3(4): 361-401
CIM-ID: 2008
Myr-ID: 2508
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Anisodesmus erythropus (Lucas, 1858) (additional source)
Aporodesmus gabonicus minimus Mauriès, 1967 (original description)
Aporodesmus ivindonus Mauriès, 1967 (original description)
Chaleponcus calcaratus Attems, 1935 accepted as Kompsoprium calcaratum (Attems, 1935) (new combination reference)
Duseviulisoma grallator Mauriès, 1968 accepted as Scolodesmus grallator (Mauriès, 1968) (original description)
Duseviulisoma porati Mauriès, 1967 accepted as Scolodesmus porati (Mauriès, 1967) (original description)
Laciniogonus coiffaiti Mauriès, 1967 (original description)
Mecistoparia boletiphora Mauriès, 1967 (original description)
Mecistoparia galeata Mauriès, 1967 (original description)
Mecistoparia parvocristata Mauriès, 1967 (original description)
Mecistoparia pileata Mauriès, 1967 (original description)
Monachodesmus silvestrii Mauriès, 1967 (original description)
Paracordyloporus Brölemann, 1916 (additional source)
Paracordyloporus belinganus Mauriès, 1967 (original description)
Paracordyloporus demangei Mauriès, 1967 (original description)
Paracordyloporus grassei Demange, 1968 (additional source)
Paracordyloporus makokanus Mauriès, 1967 (original description)
Polydesmus aubryi Lucas, 1858 accepted as Neocordyloporus aubryi (Lucas, 1858) (additional source)
Polydesmus erythropus Lucas, 1858 accepted as Odontokrepis erythropus (Lucas, 1858) accepted as Anisodesmus erythropus (Lucas, 1858) (new combination reference)
Polydesmus gabonicus Lucas, 1858 accepted as Aporodesmus gabonicus (Lucas, 1858) (additional source)
Rhachidomorpha mechowi Karsch, 1881 accepted as Neocordyloporus aubryi (Lucas, 1858) (new combination reference)
Rhamphidarpe gabonica Mauriès, 1967 (original description)
Spirostreptus pancratius Attems, 1914 accepted as Analocostreptus pancratius (Attems, 1914) (additional source)
Stemmiulus nigricollis Porat, 1894 (new combination reference)
Strongylosoma scutigerinus Porat, 1894 accepted as Scolodesmus scutigerinus (Porat, 1894) (additional source)
Thelydesmus insularis Silvestri, 1927 accepted as Allothelydesmus insularis (Silvestri, 1927) (new combination reference)
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