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Attems, C. M. T. Graf von (1935). Myriopoden von Sumatra. Archiv für Hydrobiologie, Supplement, 14: 114-142. Stuttgart
Attems, C. M. T. Graf von
Myriopoden von Sumatra
Archiv für Hydrobiologie, Supplement
14: 114-142. Stuttgart
CIM-ID: 7625
Myr-ID: 181
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Arthrosphaera pygostolis Attems, 1935 (original description)
Arthrosphaera severa Attems, 1935 (original description)
Chinosphaera Attems, 1936 accepted as Prionobelum Verhoeff, 1924 (original description)
Chinosphaera maculosa Attems, 1935 accepted as Prionobelum maculosum (Attems, 1935) (original description)
Indosphaera Attems, 1935 (basis of record)
Kophosphaera Attems, 1935 (original description)
Pantitherium politum Attems, 1935 accepted as Sphaeropoeus politus (Attems, 1935) (original description)
Pulusphaera Attems, 1935 accepted as Castanotherium Pocock, 1895 (original description)
Pulusphaera crinita Attems, 1935 accepted as Castanotherium crinitum (Attems, 1935) (original description)
Pulusphaera fera Attems, 1935 accepted as Castanotherium ferum (Attems, 1935) (original description)
Rajasphaera Attems, 1935 (original description)
Rajasphaera montana Attems, 1935 (original description)
Thyropygus microporus Attems, 1935 (original description)
Thyropygus thienemanni Attems, 1935 accepted as Thyropygus weberi Pocock, 1894 (original description)
Zephronia feae Pocock, 1890 (new combination reference)
Zephronia pellita Attems, 1935 (original description)
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