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Chamberlin, R. V. (1940). New genera and species of North American Paraiulidae. Bulletin of the University of Utha, Biological Series, 30(11): 1-39. Salt Lake City
Chamberlin, R. V.
New genera and species of North American Paraiulidae
Bulletin of the University of Utha, Biological Series
30(11): 1-39. Salt Lake City
CIM-ID: 7764
Myr-ID: 724
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Aniulus adelphus Chamberlin, 1940 (original description)
Aniulus austinensis Chamberlin, 1940 (original description)
Aniulus brazonus Chamberlin, 1940 (original description)
Aniulus craterus Chamberlin, 1940 (original description)
Aniulus dorophor Chamberlin, 1940 (original description)
Aniulus fluviatilis Chamberlin, 1940 (original description)
Aniulus oreines Chamberlin, 1940 (original description)
Aniulus prosoicus Chamberlin, 1940 (original description)
Bollmaniulus concolor (Chamberlin, 1940) (original description)
Caliulus catalinae Chamberlin, 1940 accepted as Bollmaniulus catalinae (Chamberlin, 1940) (original description)
Caliulus concolor Chamberlin, 1940 accepted as Bollmaniulus concolor (Chamberlin, 1940) (original description)
Caliulus montanae Chamberlin, 1940 accepted as Bollmaniulus montanae (Chamberlin, 1940) (original description)
Caliulus pachysomus Chamberlin, 1940 accepted as Bollmaniulus pachysomus (Chamberlin, 1940) (original description)
Caliulus pugetensis Chamberlin, 1940 accepted as Bollmaniulus pugetensis (Chamberlin, 1940) (original description)
Caliulus rhodogeus Chamberlin, 1940 accepted as Bollmaniulus rhodogeus (Chamberlin, 1940) (original description)
Codiulus milpetanus Chamberlin, 1940 accepted as Tuniulus milpitanus (Chamberlin, 1940) (original description)
Codiulus oulogon Chamberlin, 1940 (original description)
Ethojulus amphelictus Chamberlin, 1918 (additional source)
Gosiulus conformatus Chamberlin, 1940 (original description)
Hakiulus amophor Chamberlin, 1940 (original description)
Hakiulus orthodox Chamberlin, 1940 (original description)
Hakiulus parallelus Chamberlin, 1940 accepted as Aniulus diversifrons (Wood, 1867) (original description)
Julus pennsylvanicus Brandt, 1840 accepted as Parajulus pennsylvanicus (Brandt, 1840) accepted as Parajulus impressus (Say, 1821) accepted as Ptyoiulus impressus (Say, 1821) (additional source)
Oriulus delus Chamberlin, 1940 (original description)
Oriulus eutypus Chamberlin, 1940 (original description)
Oriulus georgicolens Chamberlin, 1940 (original description)
Oriulus medianus Chamberlin, 1940 (original description)
Oriulus notus Chamberlin, 1940 (original description)
Paraiulus tiganus Chamberlin, 1910 accepted as Bollmaniulus tiganus (Chamberlin, 1910) (additional source)
Paraiulus tivius Chamberlin, 1912 accepted as Sophiulus tivius (Chamberlin, 1912) (additional source)
Parajulus alaskanus Cook, 1905 accepted as Litiulus alaskanus (Cook, 1905) (additional source)
Parajulus arius Chamberlin, 1918 accepted as Simiulus arius (Chamberlin, 1918) (new combination reference)
Parajulus hewitti Chamberlin, 1919 accepted as Bollmaniulus hewitti (Chamberlin, 1919) (new combination reference)
Parajulus leucoclius Chamberlin, 1922 accepted as Thriniulus leucoclius (Chamberlin, 1922) (new combination reference)
Saiulus setifer Chamberlin, 1940 (original description)
Spathiulus leptus Chamberlin, 1940 (original description)
Ziniulus aethes Chamberlin, 1940 accepted as Gosiulus aethes (Chamberlin, 1940) (original description)
Ziniulus medicolens Chamberlin, 1940 accepted as Gosiulus medicolens (Chamberlin, 1940) (original description)
California for Caliulus catalinae Chamberlin, 1940 
California for Caliulus concolor Chamberlin, 1940 
California for Caliulus pachysomus Chamberlin, 1940 
California for Caliulus rhodogeus Chamberlin, 1940 
California for Codiulus milpetanus Chamberlin, 1940 
California for Codiulus oulogon Chamberlin, 1940 
Georgia (US State) for Oriulus georgicolens Chamberlin, 1940 
Minnesota for Oriulus eutypus Chamberlin, 1940 
Montana for Caliulus montanae Chamberlin, 1940 
North America for Hakiulus parallelus Chamberlin, 1940 
North America for Oriulus delus Chamberlin, 1940 
South Carolina for Oriulus notus Chamberlin, 1940 
Texas for Aniulus adelphus Chamberlin, 1940 
Texas for Aniulus austinensis Chamberlin, 1940 
Texas for Aniulus brazonus Chamberlin, 1940 
Texas for Aniulus craterus Chamberlin, 1940 
Texas for Aniulus dorophor Chamberlin, 1940 
Texas for Aniulus fluviatilis Chamberlin, 1940 
Texas for Aniulus oreines Chamberlin, 1940 
Texas for Aniulus prosoicus Chamberlin, 1940 
Texas for Gosiulus conformatus Chamberlin, 1940 
Texas for Hakiulus orthodox Chamberlin, 1940 
Texas for Ziniulus aethes Chamberlin, 1940 
Texas for Ziniulus medicolens Chamberlin, 1940 
United States for Hakiulus amophor Chamberlin, 1940 
United States for Oriulus medianus Chamberlin, 1940 
United States for Saiulus setifer Chamberlin, 1940 
United States for Spathiulus leptus Chamberlin, 1940 
Washington (State) for Caliulus pugetensis Chamberlin, 1940 
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