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Hoffman, R. L. (1969). Chelodesmid studies. IV. A summary of the tribe Batodesmini, with the description of a new species of Biporodesmus from northwestern Brasil. Papéis Avulsos do Departamento de Zoologia. 22(25): 263-283. Sao Paulo.
Hoffman, R. L.
Chelodesmid studies. IV. A summary of the tribe Batodesmini, with the description of a new species of Biporodesmus from northwestern Brasil
Papéis Avulsos do Departamento de Zoologia
22(25): 263-283. Sao Paulo
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Alassodesmus Chamberlin, 1923 (additional source)
Alocodesmus Silvestri, 1896 (additional source)
Alocodesmus angustatus Silvestri, 1896 (additional source)
Alocodesmus dromeus Chamberlin, 1922 (additional source)
Alocodesmus gracilicornis (Brölemann, 1898) (additional source)
Alocodesmus intermedius Carl, 1914 (additional source)
Alocodesmus longipes (Chamberlin, 1923) (new combination reference)
Alocodesmus mammatus Attems, 1943 (additional source)
Alocodesmus yporangae Schubart, 1946 accepted as Leodesmus yporangae (Schubart, 1946) (taxonomy source)
Batodesmini Cook, 1896 (additional source)
Batodesmus Cook, 1896 (additional source)
Batodesmus acceptus Carl, 1914 (additional source)
Batodesmus alutaceus (Peters, 1864) (additional source)
Biporodesmus Attems, 1898 (additional source)
Biporodesmus aporus (Kraus, 1954) (new combination reference)
Biporodesmus armatus (Verhoeff, 1941) (new combination reference)
Biporodesmus austrocrucis Hoffman, 1969 (original description)
Biporodesmus dentatus (Attems, 1931) (new combination reference)
Biporodesmus gualianus (Brölemann, 1920) (new combination reference)
Biporodesmus homalus (Chamberlin, 1941) (new combination reference)
Biporodesmus olivaceus (Kraus, 1954) (new combination reference)
Biporodesmus planus (Gervais, 1847) (new combination reference)
Biporodesmus platynotus Attems, 1898 (additional source)
Biporodesmus pseudolivaceus (Kraus, 1954) (new combination reference)
Carlopeltis Verhoeff, 1938 (taxonomy source)
Carlopeltis alatus (Carl, 1914) (additional source)
Centrogaster Attems, 1898 accepted as Attemsiella Strand, 1928 (additional source)
Colombodesmus Chamberlin, 1923 (taxonomy source)
Cordilleronomus Attems, 1931 (taxonomy source)
Cordilleronomus ortonedae (Silvestri, 1897) (new combination reference)
Cordilleronomus pulvillatus Attems, 1931 (taxonomy source)
Cormodesmus Chamberlin, 1923 (taxonomy source)
Cormodesmus hirrutellus Chamberlin, 1923 (additional source)
Dromodesmus Chamberlin, 1923 accepted as Alocodesmus Silvestri, 1896 (source of synonymy)
Dyoparyphe Hoffman, 1969 (original description)
Dyoparyphe nodosa (Peters, 1864) (new combination reference)
Ecuadopeltis Verhoeff, 1938 accepted as Biporodesmus Attems, 1898 (additional source)
Heteropeltis Carl, 1914 (taxonomy source)
Heteropeltis luctuosus Carl, 1914 (taxonomy source)
Heteropeltis serenus (Silvestri, 1898) (new combination reference)
Leodesmus yporangae (Schubart, 1946) (additional source)
Leptodesmus corniger Brölemann, 1904 (additional source)
Melanodesmus Carl, 1914 accepted as Biporodesmus Attems, 1898 (source of synonymy)
Obiricodesmus brasiliae (Brölemann, 1902) (additional source)
Odontopeltis ortonedae Silvestri, 1897 accepted as Trienchodesmus ortonedae (Silvestri, 1897) accepted as Cordilleronomus ortonedae (Silvestri, 1897) (new combination reference)
Plusioporodesmus Silvestri, 1898 (additional source)
Plusioporodesmus bellicosus Silvestri, 1898 (additional source)
Rachidomorpha bicolor Brölemann, 1902 accepted as Obiricodesmus brasiliae (Brölemann, 1902) (additional source)
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