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Kraus, O. (1954). Myriapoden aus Peru, II. Senckenbergiana biologica, 35: 17-55. Frankfurt am Main
Kraus, O.
Myriapoden aus Peru, II
Senckenbergiana biologica
35: 17-55. Frankfurt am Main
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Alocodesmus aporus Kraus, 1954 accepted as Biporodesmus aporus (Kraus, 1954) (original description)
Alocodesmus olivaceus Kraus, 1954 accepted as Biporodesmus olivaceus (Kraus, 1954) (original description)
Alocodesmus pseudolivaceus Kraus, 1954 accepted as Biporodesmus pseudolivaceus (Kraus, 1954) (original description)
Amplinus serratus Kraus, 1954 (original description)
Biporodesmus aporus (Kraus, 1954) (original description)
Catharosoma castaneum Kraus, 1954 accepted as Ergethus castaneum (Kraus, 1954) (original description)
Catharosoma nitida Kraus, 1954 accepted as Montesecaria nitida (Kraus, 1954) (original description)
Catharosoma nitidum Kraus, 1954 accepted as Montesecaria nitida (Kraus, 1954) (original description)
Catharosoma titicacaensis Kraus, 1954 accepted as Iulidesmus titicacaensis (Kraus, 1954) (original description)
Cryptogonodesmus peruvianus Kraus, 1954 (original description)
Elcarmenia Kraus, 1954 (original description)
Epinannolene cylindricaulis Kraus, 1954 (original description)
Eurhinocricus angustiramus Kraus, 1954 accepted as Perucricus angustiramus (Kraus, 1954) (original description)
Eurhinocricus peruvianus Kraus, 1954 (original description)
Habrodesmus llaguenicus Kraus, 1954 accepted as Iulidesmus llaguenicus (Kraus, 1954) (original description)
Hirsutogona Kraus, 1954 accepted as Cleidogona Cook & Collins, 1895 (original description)
Hylaiopus Verhoeff, 1941 accepted as Iulidesmus Silvestri, 1895 (source of synonymy)
Hylaiopus sphinx Verhoeff, 1941 accepted as Iulidesmus sphinx (Verhoeff, 1941) (source of synonymy)
Leptodesmus andinus Kraus, 1954 (original description)
Leptodesmus bivittatus Kraus, 1954 (original description)
Leptodesmus nodosus Kraus, 1954 (original description)
Leptodesmus ornatus Kraus, 1954 (original description)
Leptodesmus similis Kraus, 1954 (original description)
Leptodesmus taulisensis Kraus, 1954 (original description)
Mestosoma llaguenicus Kraus, 1954 accepted as Mestosoma llaguenicum (Kraus, 1954) (original description)
Montesecaria nitidum Kraus, 1954 (original description)
Olmodesmus Kraus, 1954 (original description)
Olmodesmus laticeps Kraus, 1954 (original description)
Olmodesmus longipes Kraus, 1954 (original description)
Olmodesmus minimus Kraus, 1954 (original description)
Olmodesmus taulisensis Kraus, 1954 (original description)
Oncodesmoides Kraus, 1954 accepted as Cyrtodesmus Gervais, 1847 (original description)
Oncodesmoides rectus Kraus, 1954 (original description)
Oncodesmoides uncinatus Kraus, 1954 accepted as Oncodesmus uncinatus (Kraus, 1954) (original description)
Oncodesmus uncinatus (Kraus, 1954) (original description)
Parapomus Kraus, 1954 accepted as Peridontodesmus Silvestri, 1896 (original description)
Perucricus Kraus, 1954 (original description)
Perucricus rostratus Kraus, 1954 (original description)
Polydesmus granosus Gervais & Goudot, 1844 accepted as Oncodesmus granosus (Gervais & Goudot, 1844) (additional source)
Salvadoria Kraus, 1954 (original description)
Siphonophora andecola Kraus, 1954 accepted as Columbianum andecola (Kraus, 1954) (original description)
Siphonophora porcullae Kraus, 1954 accepted as Columbianum porcullae (Kraus, 1954) (original description)
Spirobolellus atriculus Pocock, 1908 accepted as Chelogonobolus atriculus (Pocock, 1908) (new combination reference)
Taulidesmus Kraus, 1954 (original description)
Taulidesmus nodosus Kraus, 1954 (original description)
El Salvador for Amplinus serratus Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Alocodesmus Silvestri, 1896 
Peru for Alocodesmus aporus Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Alocodesmus olivaceus Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Alocodesmus pseudolivaceus Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Catharosoma Silvestri, 1897 
Peru for Catharosoma castaneum Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Catharosoma nitida Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Catharosoma nitidum Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Catharosoma titicacaensis Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Cryptogonodesmus peruvianus Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Epinannolene cylindricaulis Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Eurhinocricus angustiramus Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Eurhinocricus peruvianus Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Habrodesmus llaguenicus Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Leptodesmus De Saussure, 1859 
Peru for Leptodesmus andinus Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Leptodesmus bivittatus Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Leptodesmus nodosus Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Leptodesmus ornatus Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Leptodesmus peruanus Attems, 1931 
Peru for Leptodesmus similis Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Leptodesmus taulisensis Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Leptodesmus titschacki Verhoeff, 1941 
Peru for Olmodesmus Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Olmodesmus laticeps Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Olmodesmus longipes Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Olmodesmus longipes Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Olmodesmus minimus Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Olmodesmus taulisensis Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Oncodesmoides rectus Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Oncodesmoides uncinatus Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Oncodesmus granosus (Gervais & Goudot, 1844) 
Peru for Perucricus rostratus Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Siphonophora andecola Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Siphonophora porcullae Kraus, 1954 
Peru for Taulidesmus nodosus Kraus, 1954 
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