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Kraus, O. (1955). Myriapoden aus Peru, III. Senckenbergiana biologica, 36: 173-200. Frankfurt am Main
Kraus, O.
Myriapoden aus Peru, III
Senckenbergiana biologica
36: 173-200. Frankfurt am Main
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Catharosoma jaujense Kraus, 1955 accepted as Ergethus jaujense (Kraus, 1955) (original description)
Catharosoma jaujensis Kraus, 1955 accepted as Porcullosoma jaujense (Kraus, 1955) (original description)
Catharosoma laviudae Kraus, 1955 accepted as Laviusoma laviudae (Kraus, 1955) (original description)
Catharosoma mamillatum Kraus, 1955 accepted as Ergethus mamillatum (Kraus, 1955) (original description)
Catharosoma muticum Kraus, 1955 accepted as Ergethus muticum (Kraus, 1955) (original description)
Chondrodesmoides Kraus, 1955 (original description)
Chondrodesmoides koepckei Kraus, 1955 (original description)
Cyliocyrtus ramosus Kraus, 1955 accepted as Cyrtodesmus ramosus (Kraus, 1955) (original description)
Epinannolene flagellosa Kraus, 1955 (original description)
Epistreptus silvestrii Kraus, 1955 (original description)
Fontaria gracilis Koch C. L., 1847 accepted as Oxidus gracilis (Koch, C. L., 1847) (source of synonymy)
Fontaria gracilis Koch C. L., 1847 accepted as Oxidus gracilis (Koch, C. L., 1847) (additional source)
Fuhrmannodesmus carli Kraus, 1955 (original description)
Habrodesmus acollae Kraus, 1955 accepted as Iulidesmus acollae (Kraus, 1955) (original description)
Habrodesmus llaguenicus taulisensis Kraus, 1955 accepted as Mestosoma taulisense (Kraus, 1955) (original description)
Olmodesmus minimus Kraus, 1954 (additional source)
Olmodesmus robustus Kraus, 1955 (original description)
Olmodesmus taulisensis Kraus, 1954 (additional source)
Platyrhacus obscurus Kraus, 1955 accepted as Barydesmus obscurus (Kraus, 1955) (original description)
Proletus tocachensis Kraus, 1955 (original description)
Rhinocricus aguaytiae Kraus, 1955 (original description)
Rhinocricus zaratensis Kraus, 1955 (original description)
Scaphiostreptus huallagae Kraus, 1955 accepted as Orthoporus huallagae (Kraus, 1955) (original description)
Siphonophora lafloridae Kraus, 1955 (original description)
Titschackia andinus Verhoeff, 1941 accepted as Iulidesmus andinus (Verhoeff, 1941) (new combination reference)
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