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Lohmander, H. (1933). Über Diplopoden aus Zentralasien. Arkif för Zoologi, 25A(6): 1-71. Stockholm
Lohmander, H.
Über Diplopoden aus Zentralasien
Arkif för Zoologi
25A(6): 1-71. Stockholm
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Bollmania nodifrons Lohmander, 1933 (original description)
Bollmania orientalis (Silvestri, 1895) (additional source)
Bollmania orientalis ajderensis Lohmander, 1934 (original description)
Bollmania serrata Lohmander, 1932 (original description)
Callipus orientalis Silvestri, 1895 accepted as Bollmania orientalis (Silvestri, 1895) (additional source)
Caspiopetalum schestoperovi Lohmander, 1931 accepted as Bollmania orientalis (Silvestri, 1895) (source of synonymy)
Cylindroiulus ferganus Lohmander, 1932 (original description)
Isobates kasakstanus Lohmander, 1932 accepted as Orinisobates kasakstanus (Lohmander, 1932) (original description)
Kirgisdesmus Lohmander, 1933 (original description)
Kirgisdesmus inermis (Lohmander, 1932) (original description)
Orinisobates Lohmander, 1933 (original description)
Orthomorpha bucharensis Lohmander, 1933 accepted as Hedinomorpha bucharensis (Lohmander, 1933) (original description)
Peltopodoiulus Lohmander, 1933 (original description)
Peltopodoiulus schestoperovi Lohmander, 1932 (original description)
Polydesmus strongylosomoides Attems, 1904 accepted as Schizoturanius strongylosomoides (Attems, 1904) (additional source)
Schizoturanius montivagus Lohmander, 1932 (original description)
Turanodesmus Lohmander, 1933 (original description)
Turanodesmus elevatus Lohmander, 1932 (original description)
Turanodesmus inermis Lohmander, 1932 (original description)
Turanodesmus inermis Lohmander, 1932 accepted as Kirgisdesmus inermis (Lohmander, 1932) (original description)
Usbekodesmus Lohmander, 1933 (original description)
Usbekodesmus redikorzevi Lohmander, 1933 (original description)
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