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Silvestri, F. (1897). Viaggio del Dr. Enrico Festa nell'Ecuador e regioni vicine. V. Chilopodi e Diplopodi. Bollettino del musei di zoologia e di anatomia comparata della Reale Università di Torino, 12(305): 1-19. Torino
Silvestri, F.
Viaggio del Dr. Enrico Festa nell'Ecuador e regioni vicine. V. Chilopodi e Diplopodi
Bollettino del musei di zoologia e di anatomia comparata della Reale Università di Torino
12(305): 1-19. Torino
CIM-ID: 1415
Myr-ID: 3665
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Archispirostreptus obscurator Silvestri, 1897 accepted as Spirostreptus obscurator (Silvestri, 1897) (original description)
Archispirostreptus xanthoproctus Silvestri, 1897 accepted as Cladodeptus xanthoproctus (Silvestri, 1897) (original description)
Barydesmus aequatorialis Silvestri, 1897 (original description)
Barydesmus gualaquizensis Silvestri, 1897 (original description)
Camptomorpha Silvestri, 1897 (original description)
Camptomorpha dorsalis Silvestri, 1897 (original description)
Camptomorpha perproxima Silvestri, 1897 (original description)
Chondrodesmus Silvestri, 1897 (original description)
Chondrodesmus armatus Silvestri, 1897 (original description)
Cyphorrhacus festae Silvestri, 1897 accepted as Barydesmus festae (Silvestri, 1897) (original description)
Diaporus augur Silvestri, 1897 accepted as Isoporostreptus augur (Silvestri, 1897) (original description)
Diopsiulus Silvestri, 1897 (original description)
Epinannolene dilucida (Silvestri, 1897) (original description)
Epistreptus Silvestri, 1897 (original description)
Epistreptus oscenus Silvestri, 1897 (original description)
Euryurus devillei Silvestri, 1897 accepted as Pycnotropis devillei (Silvestri, 1897) (original description)
Iulus bioculatus Gervais & Goudot, 1844 accepted as Stemmiulus bioculatus (Gervais & Goudot, 1844) (additional source)
Leptodesmus incarnatus Silvestri, 1897 (original description)
Leptodesmus interrupticolor Silvestri, 1897 accepted as Cordilleronomus interrupticolor (Silvestri, 1897) (original description)
Mestosoma laterale Silvestri, 1897 accepted as Iulidesmus laterale (Silvestri, 1897) (original description)
Mestosoma mediatum Silvestri, 1897 accepted as Iulidesmus mediatus (Silvestri, 1897) (original description)
Mestosoma mediatus Silvestri, 1897 accepted as Iulidesmus mediatus (Silvestri, 1897) (original description)
Nannolene dilucida Silvestri, 1897 accepted as Epinannolene dilucida (Silvestri, 1897) (original description)
Nannolene tenella Silvestri, 1897 accepted as Epinannolene tenella (Silvestri, 1897) (original description)
Odontopeltis ortonedae Silvestri, 1897 accepted as Trienchodesmus ortonedae (Silvestri, 1897) accepted as Cordilleronomus ortonedae (Silvestri, 1897) (original description)
Orthoporus reluctator Silvestri, 1897 (original description)
Platyrrhacus bifasciatus Silvestri, 1897 accepted as Barydesmus bifasciatus (Silvestri, 1897) (original description)
Psammodesmus camerani Silvestri, 1897 (original description)
Rhinocricus bifasciatus Silvestri, 1897 (original description)
Rhinocricus diversicauda Silvestri, 1896 accepted as Rhytidocricus diversicauda (Silvestri, 1896) (additional source)
Rhinocricus intercalatus Silvestri, 1897 (original description)
Rhinocricus laevigatus Silvestri, 1897 (original description)
Rhinocricus longeappendiculatus Silvestri, 1897 (original description)
Stemmatoiulus bioculatus (Gervais & Goudot, 1844) accepted as Stemmiulus bioculatus (Gervais & Goudot, 1844) (additional source)
Stemmiulus diversicolor Silvestri, 1897 (original description)
Trichomorpha Silvestri, 1897 (original description)
Trichomorpha elegans Silvestri, 1897 (original description)
Ecuador for Archispirostreptus obscurator Silvestri, 1897 
Ecuador for Archispirostreptus xanthoproctus Silvestri, 1897 
Ecuador for Barydesmus aequatorialis Silvestri, 1897 
Ecuador for Barydesmus gualaquizensis Silvestri, 1897 
Ecuador for Camptomorpha dorsalis Silvestri, 1897 
Ecuador for Camptomorpha perproxima Silvestri, 1897 
Ecuador for Chondrodesmus armatus Silvestri, 1897 
Ecuador for Cordilleronomus interrupticolor (Silvestri, 1897) 
Ecuador for Cyphorrhacus festae Silvestri, 1897 
Ecuador for Diaporus augur Silvestri, 1897 
Ecuador for Epistreptus oscenus Silvestri, 1897 
Ecuador for Euryurus devillei Silvestri, 1897 
Ecuador for Leptodesmus incarnatus Silvestri, 1897 
Ecuador for Leptodesmus interrupticolor Silvestri, 1897 
Ecuador for Mestosoma laterale Silvestri, 1897 
Ecuador for Mestosoma mediatus Silvestri, 1897 
Ecuador for Nannolene dilucida Silvestri, 1897 
Ecuador for Nannolene tenella Silvestri, 1897 
Ecuador for Odontopeltis ortonedae Silvestri, 1897 
Ecuador for Orthoporus reluctator Silvestri, 1897 
Ecuador for Platyrhachus bifasciatus Silvestri, 1897 
Ecuador for Psammodesmus camerani Silvestri, 1897 
Ecuador for Rhinocricus bifasciatus Silvestri, 1897 
Ecuador for Rhinocricus intercalatus Silvestri, 1897 
Ecuador for Rhinocricus laevigatus Silvestri, 1897 
Ecuador for Rhinocricus longeappendiculatus Silvestri, 1897 
Ecuador for Stemmiulus diversicolor Silvestri, 1897 
Ecuador for Trichomorpha elegans Silvestri, 1897 
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