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Hoffman, R. L. (2012). New genera for two poorly-known millipeds from Bahia (Polydesmida: Chelodesmidae). Pap. Avulsos Zool. (São Paulo). 52(8): 103‑110.
Hoffman, R. L.
New genera for two poorly-known millipeds from Bahia (Polydesmida: Chelodesmidae)
Pap. Avulsos Zool. (São Paulo)
52(8): 103‑110
CIM-ID: 17061
Available for editors  PDF available
Two chelodesmid millipeds described by Brölemann (1903) from the interior of Bahia have not been reported for over 100 years despite their large size and bright coloration. Originally described as Leptodesmus gounellei and Leptodesmus carminatus, neither species is referable to Leptodesmus as currently defined nor any other established genus. Both have been studied from the type specimens, and are here designated the type species of two new genera, Plectrogonodesmus for gounellei and Baianassa for carminatus. Diagnostic characters are illustrated for both taxa. Intergeneric relationships are at present not evident, and are not suggested pending better understanding of the chelodesmid fauna of eastern Brazil.
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Baianassa Hoffman, 2012 (original description)
Baianassa carminatus (Brölemann, 1902) (new combination reference)
Chondrodesmus plataleus (Karsch, 1881) (additional source)
Plectrogonodesmus Hoffman, 2012 (original description)
Plectrogonodesmus gounellei (Brölemann, 1902) (new combination reference)
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