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Gerstäcker, A. (1873). Die Gliederthier-Fauna des Sansibar-Gebietes. 1-542. Leipzig, Heidelberg
Gerstäcker, A.
Die Gliederthier-Fauna des Sansibar-Gebietes
1-542. Leipzig, Heidelberg
CIM-ID: 14886
Myr-ID: 5476
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Eurydesmus compactilis Gerstäcker, 1873 accepted as Merodesmus compactilis (Gerstäcker, 1873) (original description)
Eurydesmus laxus Gerstäcker, 1873 accepted as Astrodesmus laxus (Gerstäcker, 1873) (original description)
Iulus corallinus Eydoux & Souleyet, 1842 accepted as Trigoniulus corallinus (Eydoux & Souleyet, 1842) (source of synonymy)
Julus insularum seychellarum Desjardins, 1835 accepted as Sechelleptus seychellarum (Desjardins, 1835) (source of synonymy)
Polydesmus mastophorus Gerstäcker, 1873 accepted as Rhododesmus mastophorus (Gerstäcker, 1873) accepted as Rhododesmus mastophorus mastophorus (Gerstäcker, 1873) (original description)
Spirobolus lumbricinus Gerstäcker, 1873 accepted as Trigoniulus lumbricinus (Gerstäcker, 1873) accepted as Trigoniulus corallinus (Eydoux & Souleyet, 1842) (original description)
Spirobolus pulchripes Gerstäcker, 1873 accepted as Callipodolus pulchripes (Gerstäcker, 1873) accepted as Epibolus pulchripes (Gerstäcker, 1873) (original description)
Spirostreptus brachycerus Gerstäcker, 1873 accepted as Macrolenostreptus brachycerus (Gerstäcker, 1873) (original description)
Spirostreptus civilis Gerstäcker, 1873 accepted as Charactopygus civilis (Gerstäcker, 1873) (original description)
Spirostreptus macrotis Gerstäcker, 1873 accepted as Otostreptus stylifer (Peters, 1855) (original description)
Spirostreptus pardalis Gerstäcker, 1873 accepted as Odontopyge pardalis (Gerstäcker, 1873) accepted as Calyptomastix pardalis (Gerstäcker, 1873) (original description)
Spirostreptus procerus Gerstäcker, 1873 accepted as Archispirostreptus gigas (Peters, 1855) (original description)
Spirostreptus pyrrhozonus Gerstäcker, 1873 accepted as Sechelleptus pyrhozonus (Gerstäcker, 1873) (original description)
Spirostreptus scaliger Gerstäcker, 1873 (original description)
Spirostreptus suavis Gerstäcker, 1873 accepted as Prionopetalum suave (Gerstäcker, 1873) (original description)
Spirostreptus sugillatus Gerstäcker, 1873 accepted as Callistodontopyge sugillata (Gerstaecker, 1873) (original description)
Spirostreptus xanthodactylus Gerstäcker, 1873 (original description)
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