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Sechelleptus seychellarum (Desjardins, 1835)

947475  (

marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
Sierwald, P.; Spelda, J. (2021). MilliBase. Sechelleptus seychellarum (Desjardins, 1835). Accessed at: on 2024-02-21
2017-01-23 07:41:39Z
2017-01-23 14:56:15Z

original description  (of Spirostreptus madecassus De Saussure & Zehntner, 1902) Saussure, H. L. F. de; Zehnter, L. (1902). Myriapodes de Madagascar. Histoire physique naturelle et politique de Madagascar, 27(53): 1-356. Paris, available online at
page(s): 252-255, pl. 3, fig. 12, pl. 6, fig. 12 [details]   

additional source Jeekel, C. A. W. (1999). A new Sechelleptus from Madagascar, with a key to the species of the genus (Diplopoda - Spirostreptida). Myriapod memoranda, 1: 45-57. Amsterdam
page(s): 50, 53 [details]   

additional source Lawrence, J. M.; Samways, M. J.; Henwood, J.; Kelly, J. (2011). Effect of an invasive ant and its chemical control on a threatened endemic Seychelles millipede. <em>Ecotoxicology.</em> 20(4): 731-738., available online at
page(s): 731-738 [details]   

additional source Golovatch, S. I.; Gerlach, J. (2010). Class Diplopoda De Blainville in Gervais, 1844. <em>Gerlach J, Marusik Y (eds) Arachnida and Myriapoda of the Seychelles islands. Siri Scientific Press, Manchester.</em> 387–402 pp.
page(s): 387, 389, 395-398, figs. 3-5, table 1 [details]   

additional source Gerlach, J. (2008). Preliminary conservation status and needs of an oceanic island fauna: the case of Seychelles insects. <em>Journal of Insect Conservation.</em> 12(3-4): 293-305., available online at
page(s): 297 [details]   

additional source Francisco, A.; Fontanetti, C. S. (2015). Diplopods and Agrochemicals—a Review. <em>Water, Air, & Soil Pollution.</em> 226(3)., available online at
page(s): 4 [details]   

additional source Minelli, A. (2015). Treatise on Zoology – Anatomy, Taxonomy, Biology. The Myriapoda, Volume 2. <em>Brill, Leiden; Boston.</em> : 482 pp.
page(s): 438 [details]   

additional source VandenSpiegel, D.; Henrard, A.; Mathys, A. (2021). Sechelleptus arborivagus sp. nov., a new arboreal spirostreptid millipede (Diplopoda, Spirostreptidae) endemic to Mayotte Island (Comoros Archipelago), Indian Ocean. <em>European Journal of Taxonomy.</em> 755: 1-21., available online at
page(s): 7; note: listed [details]   

additional source Golovatch, S. I.; Korsós, Z. (1992). Diplopoda collected by the Soviet Zoological Expedition to the Seychelles Islands in 1984. Acta Zoologica Hungarica, 38(1-2): 1-31
page(s): 21 [details]   

new combination reference Mauriès, J.-P. (1980). Contributions à l'étude de la faune terrestre des îled granitiques de l'archipel des Séchelles (Mission P.L.G. Benoit - J.J. Van Mol 1972). Myriapoda - Diplopoda. Revue zoologique africaine, 94(1): 138-168
page(s): 148, figs. 20-23; note: Sechelleptus seychellarum [details]   
 Present  Inaccurate  Introduced: alien  Containing type locality 

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