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Shelley, R. M. (2014). A summary of the milliped faunas of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Kashmir (Arthropoda: Diplopoda). Insecta Mundi. 0368: 1-7.
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Shelley, R. M.
A summary of the milliped faunas of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Kashmir (Arthropoda: Diplopoda)
Insecta Mundi
0368: 1-7
Three female callipodidan samples from northern Pakistan are assigned to Bollmania kohalana (Attems, 1936) (Caspiopetalidae), the only ordinal representative documented from the country; a new record of Kaschmiriosoma loebli Jeekel, 2003 (Polydesmida: Paradoxosomatidae), is also provided. Localities are summarized for the 14 Pakistani, 6 Kashmirian, and 5 Bangladeshi diplopods. The last include one unidentifi able female of Zephronia Gray, 1832 (Sphaerotheriida: Zephroniidae), and two adventive species, Trachyjulus calvus (Pocock, 1893) (Spirostreptida: Cambalopsidae) and Asiomorpha coarctata (Saussure, 1860) (Polydesmida: Paradoxosomatidae); all constitute new country records. Two obscurely documented Bangladeshi diplopods are Gonoplectus cautus (Attems, 1936) (Spirostreptida: Harpagophoridae), and Trichopeltis watsoni Pocock, 1895 (Polydesmida: Cryptodesmidae). The Pakistani polydesmidan, Quasidesmus puschtun Golovatch, 1991, is transferred from Pyrgodesmidae to Cryptodesmidae.
Indian Subcontinent
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