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Polyxenus Latzel, 1884

151186  (

Species Polyxenus albus Pocock, 1895
Species Polyxenus anacapensis Pierce, 1940
Species Polyxenus anophthalius Ishii & Yin, 2000
Species Polyxenus buxtoni Brölemann, 1921
Species Polyxenus caudatus Menge, 1854
Species Polyxenus chalcidicus Condé & Jacquemin-Nguyen Duy, 1970
Species Polyxenus chilensis Silvestri, 1903
Species Polyxenus colurus Menge, 1854
Species Polyxenus conformis Koch & Berendt, 1854
Species Polyxenus fasciculatus (Say, 1821)
Species Polyxenus germanicus Verhoeff, 1941
Species Polyxenus hangzhoensis Ishii & Liang, 1990
Species Polyxenus hawaiiensis Silvestri, 1904
Species Polyxenus koreanus Ishii & Choi, 1988
Species Polyxenus labpidicola Silvestri, 1903
Species Polyxenus lagura (Linnaeus, 1758)
Species Polyxenus lagurus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Species Polyxenus lankaranensis Short, Vahtera, Wesener & Golovatch, 2020
Species Polyxenus lapidicola Silvestri, 1903
Species Polyxenus lepagei Mello-Laeitao, 1925
Species Polyxenus lophurus Menge, 1854
Species Polyxenus macedonicus Verhoeff, 1952
Species Polyxenus miocenica Srivasta, Shukla, Kumar, Kumar & Prakash, 2006 †
Species Polyxenus oromii Jacquemin-Nguyen Duy, 1996
Species Polyxenus ovalis Koch & Berendt, 1854
Species Polyxenus paraguayensis Silvestri, 1903
Species Polyxenus platensis Silvestri, 1903
Species Polyxenus ponticus Lignau, 1904
Species Polyxenus pugetensis Kincaid, 1898
Species Polyxenus rossi Chamberlin, 1957
Species Polyxenus senex Mello-Laeitao, 1925
Species Polyxenus shinoharai Ishii, 1983
Species Polyxenus sokolowi Lignau, 1924
Species Polyxenus superbus Silvestri, 1903
Species Polyxenus triocellatus Ishii & Yin, 2000
Species Polyxenus tuberculatus Pierce, 1940

Species Polyxenus actinolophus Lignau, 1924 accepted as Saroxenus actinolophus (Lignau, 1924)
Species Polyxenus aethiopicus (Chalande, 1908) accepted as Ankistroxenus aethiopicus (Chalande, 1908)
Species Polyxenus argentifer Verhoeff, 1921 accepted as Propolyxenus argentifer (Verhoeff, 1921)
Species Polyxenus bartschi Chamberlin, 1922 accepted as Macroxenodes bartschi (Chamberlin, 1922)
Species Polyxenus burmiticus Cockerell, 1917 accepted as Phryssonotus burmiticus (Cockerell, 1917)
Species Polyxenus ceylonicus Pocock, 1892 accepted as Silvestrus ceylonicus (Pocock, 1892)
Species Polyxenus longisetis Pocock, 1894 accepted as Lophoturus longisetis (Pocock, 1894)
Species Polyxenus longisetis Silvestri, 1894 accepted as Lophoturus longisetis (Pocock, 1894)
Species Polyxenus lucidus Chalande, 1888 accepted as Pollyxenus lucidus Chalande, 1888
Species Polyxenus Meinerti Silvestri, 1898 accepted as Macroxenodes meinerti (Silvestri, 1898)
Species Polyxenus patagonicus Silvestri, 1903 accepted as Propolyxenus patagonicus (Silvestri, 1903)
Species Polyxenus platycephalus Lucas, 1846 accepted as Kubanus platycephalus (Lucas, 1846) accepted as Phryssonotus platycephalus (Lucas, 1846)
Species Polyxenus poecilus Chamberlin, 1923 accepted as Macroxenodes poecilus (Chamberlin, 1923)
Species Polyxenus rosendinus Silvestri, 1903 accepted as Chilexenus rosendinus (Silvestri, 1903)
Species Polyxenus rubromarginatus Lucas, 1846 accepted as Macroxenus rubromarginatus (Lucas, 1846)
Species Polyxenus trivittatus Verhoeff, 1941 accepted as Propolyxenus argentifer (Verhoeff, 1921)
marine, terrestrial
Latzel, R. (1884). Die Myriopoden der Österreichisch-ungarischen Monarchie. Zweite Hälfte. Die Symphylen, Pauropoden und Diplopoden. 1-414. Wien
page(s): 70 [details]   
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original description Latzel, R. (1884). Die Myriopoden der Österreichisch-ungarischen Monarchie. Zweite Hälfte. Die Symphylen, Pauropoden und Diplopoden. 1-414. Wien
page(s): 70 [details]   

basis of record Hayward, P.J.; Ryland, J.S. (Ed.). (1990). The marine fauna of the British Isles and North-West Europe: 1. Introduction and protozoans to arthropods. Clarendon Press: Oxford, UK. ISBN 0-19-857356-1. 627 pp. (look up in IMIS[details]   

additional source Jeekel, C. A. W. (1971). Nomenclator generum et familiarum Diplopodorum: A list of the genus and family-group names in the Class Diplopoda from the 10th edition of Linnaeus, 1758, to the end of 1957. Monografieen van de Nederlandse Entomologische Vereniging, 5: 1-412. Amsterdam
page(s): 1, 2, 3, 4, 6; note: see Jeekel's discussion on page 4 about the correct spelling of the name Polyxenus (or Pollyxenus) [details]   

additional source Hoffman, R. L. (1980). Classification of the Diplopoda. 1-237. Genève.
page(s): 31, 32, 54 [details]   
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