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Rosický, F. V. (1876). Die Myriopoden Böhmens. Archiv für die naturwissenschaftliche Landesdurchforschung von Böhmen, 3(4): 1-44. Prag
Rosický, F. V.
Die Myriopoden Böhmens
Archiv für die naturwissenschaftliche Landesdurchforschung von Böhmen
3(4): 1-44. Prag
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Craspedosoma bohemicum Rosicky, 1876 accepted as Phanogona bohemicum (Rosicky, 1876) (original description)
Craspedosoma marmoratum Koch, 1847 (additional source)
Glomeris hexasticha Brandt, 1833 (additional source)
Glomeris pustulata Eichwald, 1830 accepted as Glomeris pustulata (Fabricius, 1781) (additional source)
Glomeris rufoguttata Koch C. L., 1844 accepted as Glomeris pustulata (Fabricius, 1781) (source of synonymy)
Glomeris tetrasticha Brandt, 1833 (additional source)
Glomeris undulata Koch C. L., 1844 accepted as Glomeris klugii Brandt, 1833 (source of synonymy)
Isobates semisulcatus Menge, 1851 accepted as Euisobates semisulcatus (Menge, 1851) accepted as Nemasoma varicorne Koch C. L., 1847 (additional source)
Julus complanatus Linnaeus, 1761 accepted as Polydesmus complanatus (Linnaeus, 1761) (source of synonymy)
Julus complanatus Linnaeus, 1761 accepted as Polydesmus complanatus (Linnaeus, 1761) (additional source)
Julus fasciatus Koch, 1838 (additional source)
Julus guttulatus Fabricius, 1798 accepted as Blaniulus guttulatus (Fabricius, 1798) (additional source)
Julus nemorensis Koch, 1838 (additional source)
Julus pallipes Olivier, 1792 accepted as Strongylosoma stigmatosum (Eichwald, 1830) (source of synonymy)
Julus pallipes Olivier, 1792 accepted as Strongylosoma stigmatosum (Eichwald, 1830) (additional source)
Julus punctatus Say, 1821 (additional source)
Julus similis Koch, 1838 (additional source)
Julus terrestris Linnaeus, 1758 (additional source)
Julus unilineatus C. L. Koch, 1838 accepted as Megaphyllum (Megaphyllum) unilineatum (C. L. Koch, 1838) (additional source)
Scolopendra lagura Linnaeus, 1758 accepted as Polyxenus lagura (Linnaeus, 1758) (source of synonymy)
Czech Republic for Blaniulus Gervais, 1836 
Czech Republic for Blaniulus guttulatus (Bosc, 1792) 
Czech Republic for Blaniulus venustus Meinert, 1868 
Czech Republic for Craspedosoma Leach, 1814 
Czech Republic for Craspedosoma bohemicum Rosicky, 1876 
Czech Republic for Craspedosoma marmoratum Meinert, 1868 
Czech Republic for Craspedosoma polydesmoides Leach, 1814 
Czech Republic for Glomeris Latreille, 1802 
Czech Republic for Glomeris hexasticha Brandt, 1833 
Czech Republic for Glomeris pustulata (Fabricius, 1781) 
Czech Republic for Glomeris rufoguttata Koch C. L., 1844 
Czech Republic for Glomeris tetrasticha Brandt, 1833 
Czech Republic for Glomeris undulata Koch C. L., 1844 
Czech Republic for Isobates Menge, 1851 
Czech Republic for Isobates semisulcatus Menge, 1851 
Czech Republic for Julus Linnaeus, 1758 
Czech Republic for Julus complanatus Linnaeus, 1761 
Czech Republic for Julus fasciatus Koch, 1838 
Czech Republic for Julus foetidus Koch C. L., 1838 
Czech Republic for Julus nemorensis Menge, 1851 
Czech Republic for Julus pallipes Olivier, 1792 
Czech Republic for Julus punctatus Leach, 1815 
Czech Republic for Julus sabulosus Linnaeus, 1758 
Czech Republic for Julus similis Koch, 1838 
Czech Republic for Julus terrestris Linnaeus, 1758 
Czech Republic for Julus unilineatus C. L. Koch, 1838 
Czech Republic for Polydesmus Latreille, 1802 
Czech Republic for Polydesmus complanatus (Linnaeus, 1761) 
Czech Republic for Polydesmus pallipes (Olivier, 1792) 
Czech Republic for Polyxenus Latzel, 1884 
Czech Republic for Polyxenus lagurus (Linnaeus, 1758) 
Czech Republic for Scolopendra lagura Linnaeus, 1758 
Czech Republic for Scolopendrella Gervais, 1839 
Czech Republic for Scolopendrella immaculata Newport, 1845 
Czech Republic for Strongilosoma auct. (Brandt, 1833) 
Czech Republic for Strongilosoma juloides Brandt 
Czech Republic for Strongilosoma pallipes (Olivier, 1792) 
Czech Republic for Tropisoma pallipes (Olivier, 1792) 
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