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Kime, R. D.; Enghoff, H. (2021). Atlas of European millipedes 3: Order Chordeumatida (Class Diplopoda). European Journal of Taxonomy. 769: 1-244.
10.5852/ejt.2021.769.1497 [view]
Kime, R. D.; Enghoff, H.
Atlas of European millipedes 3: Order Chordeumatida (Class Diplopoda)
European Journal of Taxonomy
769: 1-244
CIM-ID: 16980
For each of the 534 species of the millipede order Chordeumatida known from Europe, available information on taxonomy, distribution and habitat is summarized, and the distribution in 50 × 50 km UTM/MGRS squares is shown on a map. Comparisons between Chordeumatida and the equally- sized order Julida are made with respect to distribution patterns and history of exploration.
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Acrochordum Attems, 1899 (additional source)
Acrochordum evae Loksa, 1960 (additional source)
Acrochordum flagellatum Attems, 1899 (additional source)
Acrochordum plitvicense (Verhoeff, 1929) (additional source)
Alavasoma Mauriès & Vicente, 1977 (additional source)
Alavasoma muniesai Mauriès & Vicente, 1977 (additional source)
Allorhiscosoma Verhoeff, 1907 (additional source)
Allorhiscosoma sphinx (Verhoeff, 1907) (additional source)
Altajosoma golovatchi (Shear, 1990) (additional source)
Anamastigona Silvestri, 1898 (additional source)
Anamastigona alba (Strasser, 1960) (additional source)
Anamastigona albanensis Mauriès, Golovatch & Stoev, 1997 (additional source)
Anamastigona aspromontis (Strasser, 1969) (additional source)
Anamastigona bilselii (Verhoeff, 1940) (additional source)
Anamastigona delcevi (Strasser, 1973) (additional source)
Anamastigona falcata (Gulička, 1967) (additional source)
Anamastigona halophila (Verhoeff, 1940) (additional source)
Anamastigona hauseri (Strasser, 1974) (additional source)
Anamastigona hispidula (Silvestri, 1894) (additional source)
Anamastigona lepenicae (Strasser, 1975) (additional source)
Anamastigona matsakisi Mauriès & Karamouana, 1984 (additional source)
Anamastigona mediterranea Ćurčić, Makarov & Lymberakis, 2001 (additional source)
Anamastigona meridionalis Silvestri, 1898 (additional source)
Anamastigona penicillata (Attems, 1902) (additional source)
Anamastigona pentelicona (Verhoeff, 1925) (additional source)
Anamastigona pulchella (Silvestri, 1894) (additional source)
Anamastigona radmani Makarov, T. Rađa, B. Rađa, Tomić, Mitić & Ćurčić, 2007 (additional source)
Anthogona Ribaut, 1913 (additional source)
Anthogona britannica Gregory, Jones & Mauriès, 1993 (additional source)
Anthogona variegata Ribaut, 1913 (additional source)
Anthogonidae Ribaut, 1913 (additional source)
Anthroleucosoma Verhoeff, 1899 (additional source)
Anthroleucosoma banaticum Verhoeff, 1899 (additional source)
Anthroleucosoma spelaeum Ceuca, 1964 (additional source)
Anthroleucosomatidae Verhoeff, 1899 (additional source)
Aspromontia Strasser, 1970 (additional source)
Aspromontia ruffoi Strasser, 1970 (additional source)
Asturasoma Mauriès, 1981 (additional source)
Asturasoma chapmani Mauriès, 1981 (additional source)
Asturasoma fowleri Mauriès, 1981 (additional source)
Atractosoma Fanzago, 1876 (source of synonymy)
Atractosoma Fanzago, 1876 (additional source)
Atractosoma abnorme Verhoeff, 1900 (additional source)
Atractosoma blechnorum Verhoeff, 1936 (additional source)
Atractosoma cavannae Silvestri, 1898 (additional source)
Atractosoma cecconii Silvestri, 1898 (additional source)
Atractosoma confine Berlese, 1895 (additional source)
Atractosoma divaricatum Strasser, 1981 (additional source)
Atractosoma ghidinii Manfredi, 1935 (additional source)
Atractosoma gibberosum Verhoeff, 1900 (additional source)
Atractosoma marinense (Verhoeff, 1932) (additional source)
Atractosoma meridionale Fanzago, 1876 (additional source)
Atractosoma paolettii (Strasser, 1977) (additional source)
Atractosoma ruffoi Manfredi, 1940 (additional source)
Atractosoma tellinense Brölemann, 1892 (additional source)
Atractosoma troglobium Manfredi, 1930 (additional source)
Attemsia Verhoeff, 1895 (additional source)
Attemsia coniuncta Strasser, 1939 (additional source)
Attemsia dolinensis Verhoeff, 1910 (additional source)
Attemsia falcifera Verhoeff, 1899 (additional source)
Attemsia likana Strasser, 1966 (additional source)
Attemsia stygia (Latzel, 1884) (additional source)
Attemsiidae Verhoeff, 1899 (additional source)
Autaretia Strasser, 1978 (additional source)
Autaretia aliciae Geoffroy & Mauriès, 2017 (additional source)
Autaretia osellai Strasser, 1978 (additional source)
Banatosoma Ćurčić & Makarov, 2000 (additional source)
Banatosoma ocellatum (Tabacaru, 1967) (additional source)
Basigona Cook, 1895 (additional source)
Basigona athesina (Fedrizzi, 1877) (additional source)
Belbogosoma Ćurčić & Makarov, 2008 (additional source)
Belbogosoma bloweri Ćurčić & Makarov, 2008 (additional source)
Belbogosoma stribogi Antić & Makarov, 2014 (additional source)
Bergamosoma Hoffman, 1980 (additional source)
Bergamosoma bergomatium (Verhoeff, 1925) (additional source)
Bergamosoma canestrinii (Fedrizzi, 1877) (additional source)
Bergamosoma grottoloi (Strasser, 1973) (additional source)
Bergamosoma plavis (Strasser, 1960) (additional source)
Bergamosoma sevini (Verhoeff, 1931) (additional source)
Beticosoma Mauriès, 1990 (additional source)
Beticosoma longipenis Mauriès, 1990 (additional source)
Beticosomatidae Mauriès, 2014 (additional source)
Biokoviella Mršić, 1992 (additional source)
Biokoviella mauriesi Mršić, 1992 (additional source)
Biokoviella mosorensis Antić & Dražina, 2016 (additional source)
Bomogona Cook, 1895 (additional source)
Bomogona helvetica (Verhoeff, 1894) (additional source)
Bomogona lombardica (Brölemann, 1892) (additional source)
Bomogona lombardica (Brölemann, 1892) (source of synonymy)
Brachychaeteuma Verhoeff, 1911 (additional source)
Brachychaeteuma bagnalli Verhoeff, 1911 (additional source)
Brachychaeteuma bradeae (Brölemann, H. K. Brade-Birks & S. G. Brade-Birks, 1917) (additional source)
Brachychaeteuma cadurcensis Mauriès, 1967 (additional source)
Brachychaeteuma furcatum Ribaut, 1956 (additional source)
Brachychaeteuma herrioti Demange, 1962 accepted as Brachychaeteuma bradeae (Brölemann, H. K. Brade-Birks & S. G. Brade-Birks, 1917) (source of synonymy)
Brachychaeteuma melanops H. K. Brade-Birks & S. G. Brade-Birks, 1918 (additional source)
Brachychaeteuma peniculatum Ribaut, 1948 (additional source)
Brachychaeteuma plumosum Ribaut, 1947 (additional source)
Brachychaeteuma provinciale Ribaut, 1956 (additional source)
Brachychaeteumatidae Verhoeff, 1911 (additional source)
Albania for Melogona broelemanni (Verhoeff, 1897) 
Austria for Acrochordum flagellatum Attems, 1899 
Austria for Bergamosoma canestrinii (Fedrizzi, 1877) 
Austria for Brachychaeteuma bradeae (Brölemann, H. K. Brade-Birks & S. G. Brade-Birks, 1917) 
Austria for Chordeuma sylvestre C. L. Koch, 1847 
Austria for Craspedosoma raulinsii Leach, 1816 
Austria for Craspedosoma slavum Attems, 1929 
Austria for Craspedosoma taurinorum Silvestri, 1898 
Austria for Dendromonomeron oribates (Latzel, 1884) 
Austria for Dimastosternum franzi Attems, 1949 
Austria for Dimastosternum holdhausi Attems, 1926 
Austria for Glomogonium karawankarum Strasser, 1965 
Austria for Haasea cyanopida (Attems, 1903) 
Austria for Haasea filicis (Verhoeff, 1929) 
Austria for Haasea flavescens (Latzel, 1884) 
Austria for Haasea fonticulorum (Verhoeff, 1910) 
Austria for Haasea germanica (Verhoeff, 1901) 
Austria for Haasea gruberi Antić & Akkari, 2020 
Austria for Haasea hungarica (Verhoeff, 1928) 
Austria for Haasea inflata (Verhoeff, 1907) 
Austria for Halleinosoma noricum Verhoeff, 1913 
Austria for Haplogona carynthiaca (Strasser, 1967) 
Austria for Haplogona oculodistincta (Verhoeff, 1893) 
Austria for Haplogona rothenbuehleri (Verhoeff, 1900) 
Austria for Haploporatia cervina Verhoeff, 1929 
Austria for Haploporatia eremita Verhoeff, 1909 
Austria for Haploporatia similis (Attems, 1895) 
Austria for Hungarosoma bokori Verhoeff, 1928 
Austria for Iulogona tirolensis (Verhoeff, 1894) 
Austria for Listrocheiritium bohemicum (Rosicky, 1876) 
Austria for Listrocheiritium cervinum Verhoeff, 1925 
Austria for Listrocheiritium noricum Verhoeff, 1913 
Austria for Listrocheiritium nubium Verhoeff, 1915 
Austria for Listrocheiritium septentrionale Gulička, 1965 
Austria for Listrocheiritium styricum Verhoeff, 1915 
Austria for Listrocheiritium susurrinum Attems, 1926 
Austria for Mastigona bosniensis (Verhoeff, 1897) 
Austria for Mastigona mutabilis (Latzel, 1884) 
Austria for Melogona broelemanni (Verhoeff, 1897) 
Austria for Melogona transsylvanica (Verhoeff, 1897) 
Austria for Melogona voigtii (Verhoeff, 1899) 
Austria for Mycogona germanica (Verhoeff, 1892) 
Austria for Ochogona brentana (Verhoeff, 1927) 
Austria for Ochogona caroli (Rothenbühler, 1900) 
Austria for Ochogona condylocoxa (Attems, 1899) 
Austria for Ochogona elaphron (Attems, 1895) 
Austria for Ochogona hanfi (Attems, 1926) 
Austria for Ochogona hanfi (Attems, 1926) 
Austria for Ochogona hanfi (Attems, 1926) 
Austria for Ochogona hanfi (Attems, 1926) 
Austria for Ochogona hanfi (Attems, 1926) 
Austria for Ochogona hanfi (Attems, 1926) 
Austria for Ochogona hanfi (Attems, 1926) 
Austria for Ochogona hanfi (Attems, 1926) 
Austria for Ochogona hanfi (Attems, 1926) 
Austria for Ochogona holdhausi (Attems, 1926) 
Austria for Ochogona pusilla (Verhoeff, 1893) 
Austria for Ochogona pusilla (Verhoeff, 1893) 
Austria for Ochogona pusilla (Verhoeff, 1893) 
Austria for Ochogona regalis (Verhoeff, 1913) 
Austria for Ochogona triaina (Attems, 1895) 
Austria for Ochogona triaina (Attems, 1895) 
Austria for Ochogona triaina (Attems, 1895) 
Austria for Ochogona triaina (Attems, 1895) 
Austria for Orthochordeumella pallida (Rothenbühler, 1899) 
Austria for Polyphematia moniliformis (Latzel, 1884) 
Austria for Pseudocraspedosoma grypischium (Rothenbühler, 1900) 
Austria for Rothenbuehleria minima (Rothenbühler, 1899) 
Austria for Symphyosphys serkoi Strasser, 1939 
Austria for Syngonopodium aceris Verhoeff, 1913 
Austria for Syngonopodium cornutum Verhoeff, 1929 
Austria for Trachygona capito (Attems, 1894) 
Austria for Trimerophorella rhaetica (Rothenbühler, 1901) 
Austria for Tylogonium hoelzeli Strasser, 1959 
Austria for Tylogonium nivifidele Strasser, 1937 
Azores for Haplobainosoma lusitanum Verhoeff, 1900 
Belarus for Craspedosoma raulinsii Leach, 1816 
Belarus for Mastigona bosniensis (Verhoeff, 1897) 
Belarus for Mastigophorophyllon saxonicum Verhoeff, 1910 
Belgium for Brachychaeteuma bagnalli Verhoeff, 1911 
Belgium for Ceratosphys amoena Ribaut, 1920 
Belgium for Chordeuma sylvestre C. L. Koch, 1847 
Belgium for Craspedosoma raulinsii Leach, 1816 
Belgium for Craspedosoma raulinsii Leach, 1816 
Belgium for Melogona gallica (Latzel, 1884) 
Belgium for Melogona scutellaris (Ribaut, 1913) 
Belgium for Melogona voigtii (Verhoeff, 1899) 
Belgium for Mycogona germanica (Verhoeff, 1892) 
Belgium for Nanogona polydesmoides (Leach, 1816) 
Belgium for Orthochordeumella pallida (Rothenbühler, 1899) 
Belgium for Xylophageuma zschokkei Bigler, 1912 
Bosnia and Herzegovina for Acrochordum flagellatum Attems, 1899 
Bosnia and Herzegovina for Craspedosoma raulinsii Leach, 1816 
Bosnia and Herzegovina for Craspedosoma slavum Attems, 1929 
Bosnia and Herzegovina for Dyocerasoma furcilliferum (Verhoeff, 1897) 
Bosnia and Herzegovina for Dyocerasoma lignivorum (Verhoeff, 1899) 
Bosnia and Herzegovina for Dyocerasoma narentanum (Verhoeff, 1901) 
Bosnia and Herzegovina for Dyocerasoma nivisatelles (Verhoeff, 1897) 
Bosnia and Herzegovina for Fagina silvatica (Attems, 1904) 
Bosnia and Herzegovina for Haasea plasana (Verhoeff, 1899) 
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